By Eddie Lerma

Fans love a good underdog story, and entering the 2017 season, the Texas State Bobcats can certainly fit the mold of an underdog in the Sun Belt Conference.

Last season, Texas State went through a rigorous change during the year which led them to a double digit losing record and placed them at the bottom of the FBS.

Quarterback Damian Williams, the one player Bobcat fans were very hopeful for, missed two weeks of fall camp and put Texas State behind the eight ball at starting quarterback. Apparently, leading into week one, Williams has earned his position back starting under center.

The uncertainty this close to the start of the season has been a cause of concern for Bobcat, who according to ESPN, has the unhappiest fans in all of FBS.

But for the Bobcats, overcoming the adversity of being called the worst team in football could change in 2017.

The Cats’ advantage could be the low expectations they have because of their current roster, but the offseason has shown a different Texas State team than we saw this time last season.

The way the Bobcats have practiced in comparison to last year has changed drastically and this season could be a real measurement of where this team is headed. The many adversities they faced last year have been a motivating factor, and this kind of mentality is already a win.

How does one change a team’s identity? You have to make them believe.

Wide receiver Tyler Watts and Defensive end Jordan Mittie can testify that the offseason has made them physically stronger.

“Each and every day the coaches help us overcome adversity, adversity is something that you can use as an opportunity,” the players told Bobcats Insider at Texas State Media Day.

Fans should pay little attention to preseason lists. Texas State football players are changing the culture and the fan base should unite and face the adversity head on together.


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